Big Beef Challenge Teams

Is your chef King of the Grill? Are you up for the challenge and willing to let the public decide? Wine Country Big Q is Sonoma County’s Premiere BBQ Event. Sonoma County is a mecca of great food and world-class wine, beer and cider and until now has had very little barbecue influence. We invite you to join us in this one day of showcasing great barbecue and the delicious beverages that complement barbecue. The Big Beef Challenge is a competition to find the best tri tip barbecue in Wine Country prepared by local winery, brewery and cider maker teams. The winner of the Big Beef Challenge will be determined during the Public Tasting by the team with the highest number of votes received. In addition to tri tip sampling, team must provide wine, beer or cider for sampling made by their winery/brewery/cider house or made from grapes they farm or own or partner up with a beverage maker to provide samples.


General Information and Requirements:


  • In lieu of a registration fee you are asked to provide your own tri tip meat and at least 2 cases of barbecue friendly wine/5 cases of beer or cider for sampling.


The Winner of the Big Beef Challenge will receive a trophy, $250 cash prize and bragging rights!


Public Tasting/People’s Choice Sampling

  • A REQUIREMENT of this competition is to provide sampling to the public. It is important that we educate the consumer and therefore we need this to be a public tasting. At this point we expect 1,500+ consumers and ask that each team provide at least 500 total samples.
  • Each tri tip sample should be a two (2) ounce portion.
  • Each wine/beer/cider taste should be at least a one (1) ounce pour. We recommend that the beverage you pour be paired with the food you are serving. More than one varietal/beer/cider may be poured.
  • Set up on Friday between noon and 6pm, or on Saturday morning by 10am.
  • The Public Tasting will begin at 1 pm. Please contact contest organizer if you need volunteer assistance for the Public Tasting.
  • Tasting tickets will be included in the ticket price and sold at the event. Tickets are $2 each. Teams will turn in their tickets at the end of the event and will receive a 50% payback on beef samples about 30 days post event.  Tickets are only redeemable for food samples.
  • Each guest at the Public Tasting will receive a ballot to be used for voting for their favorite KCBS barbecue meat, Big Beef Challenge tri tip, Bold Bean Challenge, and Bakin’ for Bacon entry.
  • Teams may sell merchandise (t-shirts, bottled sauce, etc.) for cash – not tickets (tickets are for food samples only).
  • Paper napkins, forks, spoons and sample cups will be provided. Any other item needed to serve the public must be provided by the team.
  • All Sonoma County Health Department requirements must be followed. Click here for the health department’s recommendations. No permit is required.



  • Each team will be allocated a 20 feet wide by 20 feet deep space on lawn. Additional space is available for an additional charge. Contest organizer reserves the right to assign spaces. Need more space – please contact contest organizer.
  • Pits, cookers, props, trailers, tents or any other equipment including generators, may not exceed the boundaries of the team’s assigned cooking space. No staking allowed on the lawn.
  • Each cook team must have an approved fire extinguisher on site.
  • Receptacles for ashes will be available for dumping hot ashes at the end of the contest. Please dump hot coal only in the marked receptacles.
  • Please provide your own trash receptacles for your booth. Dumpsters will be conveniently located for trash dumping.
  • No pets permitted in the food booth, except service animals.
  • 20 amps power/110v is available for $25. If you need more please contact Judy at 707-837-1928.




Click here for the health department’s recommendations.

Big Beef Challenge Teams

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